Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Governance

Highly trained and experienced staff on board to manage customer relationship and account management. The CANA-H2R team first understands the customer goals and mission so that a right Job seeker is tied up to form a strong employer-employee partnership. The management stays very close to the CRM’s. Regular meetings are conducted to discuss issues, challenges, cures etc.

We work very well with customer HR, Compliance, Manager’s to assist them towards achieving their hiring goals. All issues are addressed to full satisfaction of the customer.

Since CANA-H2R identifies only the resources that match the requirement, the performance issues are brought to a minimum from the very beginning. However in case of any performance issue we follow below steps (a) identify the problem (b) analyze the problem (c) find cure (d) work with the customer to resolve the problem by proposing multiple solutions. We accept shortcomings very easily and without much debate. Instead of delaying replacement we in fact encourage it. In the end a winning team is the only solution to any problem.

Unless a SLA is in place, CANA-H2R CRM’s have been instructed to escalate any and all issues to the management, if it needs their attention.